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The Scoop: Wed. April 24th, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

Biden speaks in Tampa President Joe Biden came to Tampa to speak about abortion rights Peace activists protest Biden More than one hundred anti-war demonstrators protested against Biden My Safe Florida Home money A bill...
medical worker

Only one Florida hospital makes national rankings for Black maternal health

Listen: It’s Black Maternal Health Week, and a new list released Thursday from U.S. News & World Report ranks hospitals with high black maternal health outcomes. Only one Florida hospital is ranked among 26 across...

What Are The Legal & Medical Status of Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Technologies in Florida Today?

Experts review the legal and medical status of reproductive rights & technologies today. Surrogacy lawyer Roia Barrios and reproductive endocrinologist & obgyn fertility specialist Dr. Carolina Sueldo discuss the Alabama IVF law, "fetal personhood," the...

Florida Public Health, Unions Under Threat

Anti-vaccine Florida surgeon-general politically defies science and the Center for Disease Control. Florida reels from a new outbreak of measles while the surgeon general, Joseph Ladapo, face calls to be fired. His anti vaccine stance...

Women’s History Month: Power of Fight

Women were instrumental in saving two schools headed for closure in Tampa. Women fight and win consequential battles with little notoriety. Women historically have had to battle against slavery and empowered the abolitionist movement, against...

Two Important Books On American Women’s Lives

Felicia Kornbluh – A Woman’s Life Is a Human Life  A Woman’s Life Is A Human Life – My Mother, Our Neighbor and the Journey from Reproductive Rights to Reproductive Justice is the story of...
Attorney addresses jury

Florida House supports excusing new mothers from jury duty

Women who have given birth within six months before the reporting date on jury summonses be excused if they request such an excusal.

Abortion On The Ballot?

A panel of Attorneys and Organizers from Floridians Protecting Freedom, the coalition of advocacy groups promoting the abortion rights FL Constitutional Amendment, are with us to discuss the referendum’s path through collecting petition signatures to...

Episode 20: Interview with Tarneisha Peters, Director of BBIF small business loan institution

Episode 20: Interview with Tarneisha Peters, Director of BBIF small business loan institution

Episode 17: Pro Se Experience in Federal Courts by Andrea Debose

In the federal court system, over three hundred thousand Pro Se represent themselves. A look into the Pro Se world was defending self in Federal Courts and winning. Today the interview will be with Ms. Andrea...
divorce paperwork

“This is a death sentence for me;” Ron DeSantis signs an overhaul of Florida’s alimony laws

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a measure to overhaul Florida's alimony laws, after three vetoes of similar bills.

MidPoint: Big Changes to Florida Family Law

Local Family Court General Magistrate Philip Wartenberg and family law attorney Joshua Sheridan joined MidPoint to discuss some of the big changes in Florida divorce and family law which emerged from the 2023 legislative session,...

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