CAIR’s Hassan Shibley on the Paris terrorist attack: Terrorism, or Islamic terrorism?

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Twelve people were killed last week at the Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris. The satirical magazine was known for its controversial cartoons featuring the Prophet Mohammed.

Joining us to talk about the ramifications of this terrorist attack was Hassan Shibley, executive director with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). We asked Hassan if he agreed with Pop Francis, who said today that “religious freedom and freedom of expression sre fundamental human rights. But they are also not a total liberties. “There is a limit,” he said, speaking in Italian. “Every religion has its dignity. I cannot mock a religion that respects human life and the human person.”

There’s also been controversy regarding the Obama administration’s failure to attribute the killings to Islamic terrorism, but simply as terrorism. Shibley reacts to that as well.