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A special event for the 18th International Holocaust Remeberance Day

This Saturday marks the 18th International Holocaust Remembrance Day. There will be a special event spotlighting Righteous Gentiles

Supreme Mathematics: Principles for Organization

African-Americans have created a stable institution for political empowerment: The Black Church. Other organization, including the church, Nation of Islam, fraternities and even the Hip Hop industry have organized around a principles of Supreme Mathematics....
The Scoop: WMNF Daily News Digest

The Scoop: Mon., October 16, 2023 Tampa Bay & Florida headlines by WMNF

Floridians fly, not refugees Last Thursday Republican presidential candidate and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed an Executive Order to fly Floridians stranded in Israel back to the US. However, the Governor says the United States...
israel palestinian Palestine solidarity protest in Tampa 15 May 2021. By Blannie Whelan/WMNF News.

Hillsborough County demonstration sparks controversy as Gov. Ron DeSantis criticizes support for Palestine

Listen: On Sunday, hundreds gathered near Tampa to show support to the people of Palestine. However,  Governor DeSantis took to social media to call the demonstrations abhorrent. The demonstration came after Hamas fighters attacked Israel...

Episode 19: Earnest Coney Chief Executive of CDC of Tampa

CDC of Tampa is a social service organization that is responsible for making society better by providing skills for the modern workforce, real estate for low to affordable housing, and youth programs.  This CDC organization...
prison bars

Court says inmate can sue Florida for violating his religious rights over prison meals during Ramadan

Akeem Muhammad sued while an inmate at Florida State Prison, saying officials did not provide meals before astronomical twilight.

Mother’s Day Sunday Forum

Callers engaged on women’s reproductive rights and conservative religion’s role in law. There is a need to keep abortion safe and legal. Information regarding post-COVID-19 funeral homes assessment of how bad things really got during...
Rev. Andy Oliver of Allendale United Methodist Church, supports LGBTQ rights

St. Pete church hosts LGBTQ+ self-defense classes amidst hate-based violence

An LGBTQ grassroots collective is hosting self-defense classes at a St. Pete church amidst rising hostility to the community.

Bradley Onishi, A Convincing Writer With A Warning. An Early Conversation With Arlo Parks. 

Stop by Bradley Onishi’s website and you’ll notice he’s not shy about proclaiming his abilities, “Scholar, Speaker, Thought Leader” shouts the headline. Then, in the first sentence of the first paragraph, Bradley adds he is...

Redemption Radio

Thad Bereday, host of the Redemption Radio podcast, a former lawyer and former prison inmate, and his pastor, Rev. Justin LaRosa of The Portico, a non-traditional, social justice-focused church in downtown Tampa, both join Shelley...

Discussion With Founder of Ministry That Deploys Comfort Dogs To Sites Of Disasters

Tim Hetzner—Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) President/CEO and founder of the K-9 Ministry, which deploys Comfort Dogs to the sites of an array of disasters, to provide solace to victims, survivors, families, first responders, and others—discussed...

“Good Friday and the Seven Deadly Sins” on Morning Energy

“Good Friday” is a prominent event for Christian believers. It is the day that signifies the crucifixion of Jesus Christ at Calvary for the atonement of the sins of the world. A “sin” is defined...

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