Cara Jennings confronted Rick Scott in spirit of challenging people with power

Cara Jennings v Rick Scott

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You’ve probably seen the video of the woman who gave Governor Rick Scott a piece of her mind at a coffee shop last week; on WMNF’s MidPoint we talk with Cara Jennings about what she was talking about with Gov. Scott before the camera started recording and why she was upset.

Listen to the full show here:

Here’s the video that has been watched more than two million times from a coffee shop in Gainesville, Florida. Jennings, confronted Governor Scott a few days after he signed a bill making access to abortion more difficult and forbidding the state from reimbursing Planned Parenthood for services.

In the video, Governor Scott and his entourage walk out of the coffee shop without getting their order.

A couple of days later, Scott’s political action committee, Let’s Get to Work released this online ad.

On WMNF’s MidPoint, Jennings rebutted some of the claims from the ad, which says almost everybody has a great job and suggests that Jennings was sitting around coffee shop, demanding public assistance and cursing at customers who come in.

We have had Cara Jennings on WMNF a few times before. In 2009 when she was a Lake Worth City Commissioner she was arrested when protesting outside the Israeli embassy after an American peace activist, Tristan Anderson, was shot in the West Bank.

Around that same time she protested the construction of a planned new natural gas-fired power plant. In 2006 we noted that an “anarchist radical cheerleader had been elected to city commission and the year before that we talked with her about opposition to the Palm Beach County development by Scripps.

At the beginning of the show we played a listener comment about our last show; we talked about potential voting difficulties in Tuesday’s Wisconsin primaries, which were won by Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz.