Lake Worth Commissioner arrested for protesting shooting

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A Lake Worth city commissioner was arrested on Monday during a protest outside the Israeli Consulate in Miami.

Commissioner Cara Jennings and 35 others were protesting the actions of the Israeli Defense Forces, who shot American Tristan Anderson in the head last Friday in the West Bank village of Ni’lin.

WMNF spoke this afternoon with Commissioner Jennings about Monday’s protest and her arrest.

“I was with a group of people outside the Consulate – the Israeli Consulate – in downtown Miami on Monday. We were protesting the treatment of Tristan Anderson, the wounds he suffered, by the Israeli military and the overall injustice happening in Palestine and the aggression of the Israeli military into the Palestinian villages. …

“I am pro-human rights, regardless of somebody’s nationality. And that’s what this is — it’s a basic human rights issue. It’s an ongoing saga for the people of Palestine. And to stand up and say what is happening there is an injustice does not make me anti-Semitic.”

Anderson had part of his right frontal lobe removed and is in stable condition in intensive care.

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