Animal Rights

A surprising statistic sparks concern for the endangered Florida panther

The Florida Panther is our state’s official animal and one of the most endangered mammals in the country. WMNF's Chris Young reports.
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Legendary activist Captain Paul Watson discusses being ousted from his own organization, launching a new one

Captain Paul Watson--a major figure for decades in the realm of animal rights, founding the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 1977, from which he was recently ousted—discusses the new organization he’s launched.
live music singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards

Singer Kathleen Edwards discusses being a part-time St. Pete resident, shows, dogs, cats, birds and more

Singer-songwriter-animal champion Kathleen Edwards discusses becoming a part-time St. Pete resident, dogs, siamese cats--and performs four songs.

Steve Koyle seeks to reduce elephant cruelty–and improve welfare–globally

In a “Talking Animals” interview, Steve Koyle surveys his decades-long experience of caring for animals, specializing in elephants, notably by founding Elephant Care Unchained.

Acclaimed doc filmmaker discusses shooting new wildlife series examining exceptional human/animal relationships, “The Bond”

Don Argott discusses “The Bond,” the new wildlife series he co-directed--now streaming on DiscoveryPlus--examining the exceptional animal-human connection forged amongst four folks and critters, from disparate backgrounds and regions of the world

Activist Kimberly Carroll discusses her transformation(s) and helping others transform

Kimberly Carroll— a veteran Toronto-based animal activist, leader, coach, and consultant—recalls in a "Talking Animals" interview, growing up in Manitoba, a sensitive child with a precocious connection to animals, yet like her family members and...

Callers and Emailers become guests on “Talking Animals”

Every year or two, I jettison the chief component of the “Talking Animals” format—a longform interview with a single guest—to offer a debate or some other multi-guest panel discussion. As part of that occasional effort...

Director Vincent Kelner discusses his new doc examining Faroe Islands whale slaughter

Vincent Kelner—writer-director of “A Taste of Whale,” a documentary examining the “grind,” Faroe Islanders’ ritual slaughter of pilot whales, but it’s an intricate film with a lot more on its mind than that—addresses, in a...

Governor’s nominee to the FWC was fined for speeding in a manatee protection zone

Governor Ron DeSantis nominated Albert Maury for the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission; Maury was fined for speeding in a manatee zone.

Founder of Nonhuman Rights Project Discusses what The Atlantic calls “the most important animal-rights case of the 21st century.”

Steven M. Wise—founder and president of the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP); an attorney, author, and legal scholar, Wise is leading NhRP’s pioneering effort to free an elephant named Happy from the Bronx Zoo through a...

Conversations With Vegans

Imagine for a moment, the following scenario: You are a guest at an elegant diner party. You’re seated with the other guests at an ornately set table. The room is warm, candlelight flickers across crystal...

Discussion Of Plant Based Treaty, New Global Accord Aiming To Help Mitigate Climate Change Crisis

Anita Krajnc—the global campaign coordinator of the Plant Based Treaty, which views itself as a companion to the Paris Agreement, described, on the Treaty website, as “a grassroots campaign designed to put food systems at...

Dozens of animals die in fire at Florida wildlife sanctuary

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Firefighters say dozens of animals are dead following a fire at a central Florida animal sanctuary. Orange County Fire Rescue officials posted on Twitter that the fire broke out early Monday...

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