The Scoop: Thurs. June 13th, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

A book about banning books is banned. St . Pete discusses the proposed new Rays stadium. Meanwhile, DeSantis wants to defeat two Nov. ballots.
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Mothers, cops, and vets rally behind $5M push for recreational marijuana

A $5 million statewide ad campaign is aimed at boosting support for a proposed constitutional amendment for recreational marijuana in Florida
Joe Redner

Joe Redner supports Florida recreational weed amendment despite its shortcomings

Joe Redner is best known for fighting the government over his world-famous Mons Venus strip club, but he garnered headlines a few years ago fighting for the right to grow his own medical marijuana. He...
State Sen. Darryl Rouson

State Sen. Darryl Rouson wants ‘guardrails’ if voters legalize weed

State Sen. Darryl Rouson, the longest-serving Democrat in the Florida Legislature, supported legalizing medical marijuana but “I’m not there yet when it comes to full legalization of marijuana.” Rouson, who appeared Tuesday (4/9) on WMNF...

Recreational pot will be on Florida’s 2024 ballot

A divided Florida Supreme Court approved placing on the ballot a proposed constitutional amendment to allow the recreational use of marijuana.

More Marijuana Licenses Backed for Black Farmers

State lawmakers for the second year in a row have signed off on expanding the number of medical-marijuana licenses earmarked for Black farmers, opening the door for three applicants who lost out earlier.

Lawmakers OK a bill targeting hemp products in Florida

A bill to outlaw intoxicating hemp-based products is ready to go to Gov. Ron DeSantis, after the Florida House and Senate passed it.

Florida lawmakers target hemp products

The Florida House teed up a proposal aimed at outlawing euphoria-inducing hemp products sold at shops around the state.
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Promoting the pot industry in Florida

A handful of Florida's medical marijuana operators have formed a trade association designed to “foster a thriving medical marijuana industry.”
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The Scoop: Tuesday, February 20, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

   Florida elections bill The Florida House recently introduced a significant elections bill that includes several key provisions. Teaching kids about communism A bill in the Florida legislature, which mandates the history of communism in...
pot plants

Florida lawmakers target hemp products with more regulations

Hemp farmers & small-business owners are pushing back against Republican lawmakers’ efforts to restrict sales of euphoria-inducing products.

New Year, New Laws, New Battles

Happy New Year. It’s 2024 and the People of Florida, the U.S. and the World face a changing world as well as backward politics. Florida petitioners got close to three-quarters of a million signatures to...

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