America’s Evolution and John Quincy Adams. New Classical Music

Randall Woods – John Quincy Adams – A Man for the Whole People In his masterful biography, professor of history, Randall B. Woods peels back the many layers of John Quincy’s long life, exposing a...

Political Violence, Rhetoric and the Vote

Patró Mabíli leads a sobering discussion about the state of politics. Political Violence in the United States, the party of violent rhetoric, plans for a dictatorship and Project 2025, ballot initiatives in Florida especially one...

Nonviolent Resistance. A Presidential Candidate Vs. Democracy

A Ministry of Risk – Philip Berrigan’s Writings on Peace and Nonviolence Edited by Brad Wolf From the battlefields of World War II to the front lines of peace activism, Philip Berrigan evolved from soldier...

Medicaid Expansion is in Our Hands Now

Florida is one of only 10 states that has not already expanded Medicaid coverage to low-income childless adults as allowed under the Affordable Care Act. Now, Florida healthcare advocates are mounting a petition drive to...
Deborah Dorbert

Lakeland woman describes agony of forced birth under Florida’s strict abortion law

Deborah Dorbert of Lakeland was a few months pregnant when her doctor delivered disturbing news: Her unborn child had Potter’s Syndrome, which meant he did not have kidneys and his lungs were not developing normally....

Mother’s Day Visit with Attorney Andrew Warren

The elected Hillsborough Prosecutor Andrew Warren suspended by Florida’s governor visits the Forum. Host Walter L Smith II and co-host Annie Miles cover key issues. Listen In Archives.
Joe Redner

Joe Redner supports Florida recreational weed amendment despite its shortcomings

Joe Redner is best known for fighting the government over his world-famous Mons Venus strip club, but he garnered headlines a few years ago fighting for the right to grow his own medical marijuana. He...

Crisis of the US Courts, Florida Inflation

The United States courts are key to the system of checks and balances. We are witnessing a court reverse progress on settled law. Is there a crisis of the courts? A constitutional crisis? Also, inflation...
social media

A Florida Senate panel advances a bill to prohibit kids under the age of 16 from having social media accounts — despite First Amendment warnings

Florida senators Monday evening moved forward with a proposal to try to prevent minors under age 16 from using social media.
Florida redistricting

The Florida Supreme Court will take up whether the state’s congressional redistricting plan is unconstitutional

The Florida Supreme Court’s indicated that the case is unlikely to be resolved in time for the 2024 congressional elections.

Abortion On The Ballot?

A panel of Attorneys and Organizers from Floridians Protecting Freedom, the coalition of advocacy groups promoting the abortion rights FL Constitutional Amendment, are with us to discuss the referendum’s path through collecting petition signatures to...

Money in Politics, Disqualifying Trump, Jan. 6th and More Constitutional Issues Today

Guest host Matt Newton talks with Stetson Constitutional Law Prof. Ciara Torres-Spelliscy and Tampa Councilman Luis Viera about the many constitutional legal issues on our radar today. 

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