Nonviolent Resistance. A Presidential Candidate Vs. Democracy


A Ministry of Risk – Philip Berrigan’s Writings on Peace and Nonviolence Edited by Brad Wolf

From the battlefields of World War II to the front lines of peace activism, Philip Berrigan evolved from soldier to scholar, priest to political prisoner. Confronting the fundamental nature of America’s military-focused culture, Berrigantook an unyielding stance against societal evils—war, systemic racism, unchecked materialism, and the baleful presence of nuclear weapons. Imprisoned by his government and ostracized by his Church, Berrigan’s life is a courageous example of nonviolent resistance and liberation in the face of overwhelming odds. A Ministry of Risk is the definitive collection of Philip Berrigan’s writings. Authorized by the Berrigan family and arranged chronologically, these writings depict the transformation of one revolu­tionary soul while also providing a firsthand account of a nation grappling with its martial obsessions. Threading the vibrant fabric of history with autobiographical insights, introspective theology, and a clarion call to activism, A Ministry of Risk offers both a living manifesto of nonviolent resistance and a journal of spiritual reflection by one of the 20th century’s most prophetic voices.

Brad Wolf, former prosecutor and professor, co-founded Peace Action Network of Lancaster, PA. He coordinated the Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal, meant to hold U.S. weapons manufacturers accountable for the indiscriminate death and destruction their products cause. He writes for numerous publications, including The progressive, Counterpunch and Truthout amongst other venues. A Ministry of Risk is his first book.

James B. Stewart – Deep State: Trump, The FBI, And The Rule Of Law

So much has happened since he glided down the golden escalator: four years of unprecedented chaos in the White House, outrageous behavior, impeachments, court cases, trials and guilty verdicts – the seemingly never-ending drama surrounding Trump has led to what could best be described as a social numbness while the world awaits the next phase in this alarming saga. Yet, a collective memory loss appears to have become a part of everyday life in this age of dysfunction, to jog our recollections we are going to go back in time to the summer of 2020 for a conversation with author James B. Stewart

There are questions that the Mueller report couldn’t—or wouldn’t—answer. What actually happened to instigate the Russia investigation? Did President Trump’s meddling incriminate him? There’s no mystery to what Trump thinks. He claims that the Deep State, a cabal of career bureaucrats—among them, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, and Peter Strzok, previously little known figures within the FBI whom he has obsessively and publicly reviled—is concerned only with protecting its own power and undermining the democratic process. Conversely, James Comey has defended the FBI as incorruptible apolitical public servants who work tirelessly to uphold the rule of law. For the first time, bestselling author James B. Stewart sifts these conflicting accounts to present a clear-eyed view of what exactly happened inside the FBI in the lead-up to the 2016 election, drawing on scores of interviews with key FBI, Department of Justice, and White House officials and voluminous transcripts, notes, and internal reports. In full detail, this is the dramatic saga of the FBI’s simultaneous investigations of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump—the first time in American history the FBI has been thrust into the middle of both parties’ campaigns for the presidency. Stewart shows what exactly was set in motion when Trump fired Comey, triggering the appointment of Robert Mueller as an independent special counsel and causing the FBI to open a formal investigation into the president himself. And how this unprecedented event joined in ongoing combat two vital institutions of American democracy: the presidency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. At stake in this epic battle is the rule of law itself, the foundation of the U.S. Constitution. There is no room for compromise, but plenty for collateral damage. The reputations of both sides have already been harmed, perhaps irrevocably, and at great cost to American democracy. Deep State goes beyond the limits of the legally constrained Mueller report, showing how the president’s obsession with the idea of a conspiracy against him is still upending lives and sending shockwaves through both the FBI and the Department of Justice. In this world-historical struggle—Trump versus intelligence agencies—Stewart shows us in rare style what’s real and what matters now.


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