Justice System

Controversial Florida judicial circuit merger faces committee resistance

A committee appointed by the Florida Supreme Court unanimously recommended against shrinking the number of judicial circuits in the state.
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Florida Supreme Court hears arguments on protest law amid allegations of targeting Black activists

The Florida Supreme Court heard arguments in a challenge to a law that enhanced penalties during protests that turn violent.
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Meritocracy Deconstructed

The U.S. Supreme Court decided race-conscious Affirmative Action in college admissions is unconstitutional while leaving white privilege in admissions unchecked. Civil Rights legal groups plan a lawsuit to challenge legacy admissions at Harvard. [AP Photo/...
Lou Virelli

Stetson Law professor breaks down the Donald Trump indictment

Stetson University College of Law professor Louis Virelli speaks about what Donald Trump's indictment means and what the court will consider.

Florida Criminal Justice Reform 2023

FL Rep. Dianne Hart, a long-term champion of criminal justice and prison reforms, and Julianne Holt, the elected Hillsborough County Public Defender for the past 33 years both appeared on MidPoint to discuss the mostly...

Episode 15, May 30, 2023: Code Enforcement Undergirds Black Reparations-Mentesnot

Mentesnot is an established longtime citizen of Hillsborough County, and property owner continues to advocate and fight to remove fines that have been excessive code enforcement, which put his family property in jeopardy due to...

The Opinions Of Dr. Kampmark

Media Responsibility. Can the outrage over CNN’s “Town Hall” with Trump be a case of the pot calling the kettle black? After all Trump was good for ratings as the head of CBS said before...

MidPoint: Putting People to Death in Florida Just Got Easier

Death penalty defense lawyers, Allison Miller and Craig Whisenhunt join MidPoint to discuss the new legislation that now makes Florida the state with the lowest legal threshold to put convicted people to death for murder,...

MidPoint on Tort Reform: Big Changes for Insurance Companies May Be Your Undoing

Tort Reform: Big Changes for Insurance Companies May Be Your Undoing

Ricky Polston is stepping down from the Florida Supreme Court; DeSantis will appoint a replacement

Florida Supreme Court Justice Ricky Polston announced Monday he will step down, giving Gov. Ron DeSantis another appointment.

“Paving The Way” on Morning Energy

There are many commemorative holidays that occur during the month of February. Some of these holidays include: President’s Day, Susan B. Anthony Day and Black History Month. Each of these holidays serve as a reminder...
Scales of Justice Law

‘Fairness and diversity’ courses for judges in Florida are nixed by state Supreme Court

The Florida Supreme Court deleted part of a rule that has allowed judges to take courses in “fairness and diversity" for continuing education.

Florida Commission on Mental Health & Substance Abuse Issues Its Interim Report

Florida Commission on Mental Health issued its interim report calling for major changes in the accessibility and delivery of mental health services and changes to legislation affecting the criminal justice system's response to arrestees with...

Redemption Radio

Thad Bereday, host of the Redemption Radio podcast, a former lawyer and former prison inmate, and his pastor, Rev. Justin LaRosa of The Portico, a non-traditional, social justice-focused church in downtown Tampa, both join Shelley...

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