Occupy Tampa to challenge constitutionality of city’s sidewalk ordinance

Arrests of Occupy Tampa members have slowed down, but the court hearings for the dozens charged so far are still underway. Last week after an arraignment, one defense council said he plans to argue that the city ordinance some Occupy Tampa members are charged with violating is unconstitutional. Andrew “Pepe” Kovanis was accused of disobeying… Read more »

Public Defender on life without parole for juvenile offenders

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court considered whether juveniles should be imprisoned for life without parole in cases where there was no homicide. Today, Pinellas County Public Defender Bob Dillinger called such sentencing severe. The Suncoast Tiger Bay Club met at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club this morning. Dillinger said the Supreme Court will have… Read more »