laborers working in the heat

Feds propose heat protections for workers after a new Florida law banned local protections

The Biden administration is moving forward with a proposal that would require heat protections for workers across the country.
farmworker citrus

Ron DeSantis vetoes a bill that would have made it easier to build housing for farmworkers

DeSantis said, "the bill does not include the means to enforce this limitation and could pave the way for housing of illegal alien workers.”

Nicole Payne, Hillsborough District 4 Candidate

Nicole Payne, Hillsborough Black Chamber of Commerce President, talks the historic nature of  election participation and quality-of-life issues in Florida and the county. News updates and analysis. Listen in archives.

Florida Farmworkers Need More Legal Protections

A tragic bus accident killed 8 legal migrant farmworkers and injured dozens more who are now caught in a legal, immigration and medical limbo because their visas have expired before their treatments are complete.
laborers working in the heat

Study details heat risks for workers even as Florida outlaws local heat protections

A new study cites “strong and robust evidence that excessive heat increases the frequency of injuries” to workers, particularly in the South.

The Path Forward: world updates, dark money projects

The fight against threats to democracy still rests with the People News updates from the situation in Haiti and the Middle East. Discussion on threats from right-wing politicians. The dark money donors behind  GOP Project...

Middle East Shadow War, Florida Bans and “Civil War”

Patró Mabíli, ready to elucidate. Despite 2023 being deemed the hottest year on record the Republican Governor of Florida bans local governments from protecting workers from heat and limits police oversight board. Also world markets...
laborers working in the heat

Ron DeSantis signs a law to prevent local governments from imposing wage requirements on contractors and requiring heat-exposure protections for workers

More than 90 organizations signed on to letters to DeSantis opposing this preemption bill and seeking a veto.
Labor unions

Lawsuit is dismissed over Florida’s controversial 2023 law restricting public employee unions

The 2023 law includes restrictions such as preventing union dues from being deducted from public workers’ paychecks.
laborers working in the heat

A bill that preempts local governments in Florida from making rules on wages or protecting workers from heat heads to the governor’s desk

The bill would prevent local governments from imposing requirements on contractors about wages and worker heat-exposure protections.
teenage laborer

Ron DeSantis signs into law a relaxation of teen labor rules in Florida

The new law will ease decades-old regulations on the hours that 16- and 17-year-old Floridians can work.

Haiti Crisis, U.S. and World Paralysis

Hands off Haiti! Over two centuries ago, the people of Haiti defeated European colonialism and established the world’s first Black republic. Today in the face of chaos people are taking on the fight for their...

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