Nuclear Power

The Scoop: Fri. July 12th, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

A Bradenton Man is sentenced to federal prison for his actions during January 6th, and Duke Energy makes plans for a new nuclear plant.

Florida will consider adding new nuclear power

Florida regulators in the coming months will study the feasibility of adding more nuclear power.

Florida regulators OK a $5 million settlement with FPL over nuclear outages

Florida Power & Light would give a $5 million credit to customers after charging “replacement” power costs due to outages at nuclear plants.

26 Essays On Walking. Vote For Our Planet.

Ways Of Walking – Edited by Ann de Forest Ways of Walking brings together 26 writers who reflect on walks they have taken and what they have discovered along the way. Some walk across forbidden...

MidPoint: Why Are My Electric Bills So High??

Monopolistic electric utilities in Florida have been caught cheating, scamming, and funding ghost candidates in our elections to maintain their outsize influence in State politics and keep their profits soaring.

MidPoint: War from the perspective of Ukrainian students

While the problems of Florida's legislative decisions continue to loom over the state this week, the war in Ukraine continues with no certain end in sight. On Wednesday, MidPoint host Shelley Reback spoke to two...

Head of Lakeland Utility Floats Idea of Building New Nuclear Plant in Future

Radioactivity with Rob Lorei Listen Here: Or follow this link and select 01/09/20 from the drop down menu: Intro: We’ll continue the discussion about the tensions between the US and Iran later in the...

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