Facts vs POTUS: Climate change, Saudi Arabia, elections, courts, and more

AP FACT CHECK: Trump myths on dipping oil prices, cold snaps By CALVIN WOODWARD and HOPE YEN, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is wrong when he suggests global warming can’t be happening if it’s really cold outside. He points to a “brutal and extended cold blast” in the Eastern U.S. during Thanksgiving week… Read more »

The 4th National Climate Assessment has been released and it’s not good

Government climate report warns of worsening US disasters By SETH BORENSTEIN, AP Science Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — As California’s catastrophic wildfires recede and people rebuild after two hurricanes, a massive new federal report warns that these types of extreme weather disasters are worsening in the United States. The White House report quietly issued Friday also frequently… Read more »

Parkland shooting survivors win Children’s Peace Prize

“Children can move the world.” By KELLI KENNEDY, Associated Press A group of young Americans who campaigned against gun violence after surviving a deadly shooting at their Florida school have received a prize from former South African archbishop Desmond Tutu. The Parkland students who created an international movement to raise awareness for gun violence after a… Read more »

Permaculture “Closing the Loop”

On Monday’s Sustainable Living Program we talked about permaculture and ‘Closing the Loop’ with three presenters at this year’s Florida Permaculture Convergence. Joining us was Koreen Brennan, a local permaculture designer and teacher, Jungle Jay Hardman, a Florida native, Anthropologist, Archeologist and Community Activist, and Don Hall, Director of Transition Sarasota and Co-Director of Transitions… Read more »

Democratic senators sue over Whitaker’s appointment as Attorney General

Three Senate Democrats filed a lawsuit Monday arguing that Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker’s appointment is unconstitutional and asking a federal judge to remove him. Based on an AP article by ERIC TUCKER and MICHAEL BALSAMO, Associated Press The suit, filed by Sens. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Mazie Hirono of Hawaii and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode… Read more »

Florida’s hand recount begins for the Senate race

Florida starts painstaking hand recount in US Senate race By KELLI KENNEDY and CHRIS O’MEARA, Associated Press FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — Volunteers gathered around folding tables Friday to begin a painstaking hand recount in Florida’s acrimonious U.S. Senate contest, with a goal of determining the intent of about 93,000 voters whose ballots for Republican Gov…. Read more »

The Chaos & Unknowing Of Contemporary Life on Life Elsewhere

Adam Nemett boldly admits to working on his debut novel, We Can Save Us All for over twelve years. The time it took to finally get his sprawling, ambitious book published is essential to why it’s such a fascinating read. Nemett graduated from Princeton University where he co-founded MIMA Music Inc, a student organization that… Read more »

Election Day 2018 Tampa, Florida

Fair elections lawyer questions Florida recount on signature matches and late mail ballots

Last week Bill Nelson sued the Florida Secretary of State to demand that the Florida recount tally all ballots that were disqualified because it was determined that they had a signature mismatch; and this week, Nelson sued the state to count vote-by-mail ballots that were postmarked before  but not delivered before polls closed on Election Day. To… Read more »

Dispelling The Myths Of Thomas Cromwell on Life Elsewhere

After a decade of researching the Royal Archives, the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author, Diarmaid MacCulloch has emerged with the most thoroughly researched and complete biography of Thomas Crowell – a polarizing political figure most know for his unwavering service to volatile King Henry VIII, the demise of Anne Boleyn, and his hand… Read more »

Election Day 2018 Tampa, Florida

Speaking to Election Day voters in Florida

Florida should know the results of highly anticipated races for Governor and U.S. Senator by the evening of Election Day; Republican Gubernatorial candidate, former Congress member Ron DeSantis, and his wife voted early Tuesday morning in North Florida. A small crowd of supporters chanted, “We want Ron!” Meanwhile, in Tallahassee, his Democratic opponent, Mayor Andrew… Read more »

Recycling Tampa Bay Area

On today’s Sustainable Living Program we talked about local recycling with our guests Laura Thomas, the City of Largo Sustainability Coordinator; Recycling Coordinator for City of Tampa, Alita Kane; and Recycling and Waste Reduction Specialist with Hillsborough County, Nina Stokes. Problems for recycling here and around the country include low commodity prices for recyclables, contaminated… Read more »

Kristen Carlson

Kristen Carlson faces Ross Spano in Florida Congressional District 15

There’s a surprisingly tight race in Florida’s 15th Congressional District between Republican Ross Spano and Democrat Kristen Carlson; we interviewed Carlson on WMNF’s MidPoint — The p.r. firm handling media requests for the campaign of Ross Spano wrote, “Unfortunately, Ross is booked during those times on Monday and we won’t be able to accommodate your request.” The… Read more »

Kristen Carlson

On WMNF’s MidPoint Monday: Congressional District 15 race

Tune in to WMNF’s MidPoint on Monday — the day before Election Day — to hear about a very tight race in Florida’s 15th Congressional District between Republican Ross Spano and Democrat Kristen Carlson. Three write-in candidates are also running, though their names will not be on the ballot: Alek Bynzar, Dave Johnson and Jeffery Rabinowitz. We’ll… Read more »

“A World of Hate” on Morning Energy

Cesar Sayoc, 56, was arrested on October, 2018 in Plantation Florida and charged with federal crimes related to sending potential explosive devices to prominent Democrats and vocal opponents of President Donald Trump. During the arrest process, law enforcement officials also hauled away a white van that Sayoc was driving that was plastered with bombastic stickers… Read more »

Kathy Castor

Florida Dems highlight “stark differences” from GOP

Congressional Democrats from Florida are highlighting what they call “stark differences” between their policies and Republicans when it comes to issues like taxes, wages, infrastructure and health insurance; during a conference call with reporters Wednesday, Tampa-area Congress member Kathy Castor referenced President Trump’s appearance in Ft. Myers. “Donald Trump’s coming to Florida here on Halloween… Read more »

farmworkers; Florida agriculture; farmworkers, coalition of Immokalee workers, ciw

Climate change is making Florida’s heat dangerous for farmworkers: report

The effects of climate change on Florida are not limited to sea-level rise, more intense hurricanes and disappearing coral reefs; a new report warns that as temperatures continue to surge, outdoor workers — like farmworkers and construction workers — are at increasing risk of severe health effects. The report, called “Unworkable. Dangerous Heat Puts Florida… Read more »