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Florida governor signs 9 bills, including one targeting the financial exploitation of seniors

A new Florida law allows banks to delay disbursing money if employees think seniors or “vulnerable” adults could be getting financially exploited.

Desegregation launched a Political Revolution: Black History Month commemoration

Host Patró Mabíli sheds light on Community Speaks. The 1948 order desegregating the U.S. armed forces started a momentum of desegregation culminating in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Also, hope for compensation justice for...

Responding to Food Insecurity in Florida with Gulf Coast JFCS

It’s Thanksgiving time and our thoughts turn to food and those who may not have it. Our friends from Gulf Coast JFCS joined us to discuss the many ways their programs address food insecurity in...

Medicare Enrollment Period is Now Open. What to Do?

Learn what to consider in making your Medicare healthcare enrollment decision for 2023 with our experts from Florida SHINE.

AARP Florida’s Jeff Johnson on affordable housing, transportation and aging

Concerns about affordable housing and lack of transportation options often focus on young people, but the AARP Florida says those issues also disproportionately affect aging residents. Jeff Johnson drops some knowledge. 
Medicare Counselors Amy Hagel & Fran Oberne

MidPoint: Shopping for Medicare plans? SHINE can help.

FREE, UNBIASED help from trained Medicare counselors is available from SHINE Medicare to help seniors choose their Medicare health care coverage for 2023. Appointments with SHINE counselors can be made at 800-963-5337.

Giving Thanks with Meals on Wheels Tampa

Every Thanksgiving season MidPoint spotlights issues of food insecurity and we always look for "the helpers." The crew from Meals on Wheels Tampa, Cindy Vann, and Erica Leigh, and MOW super-volunteer Rebecca Fiore joined us...
Debra Williams, CNA with 1199 SEIU Florida

Nurses say safe staffing is under attack at Florida’s nursing homes

Republican lawmakers have filed legislation that would weaken mandatory staffing requirements at Florida’s nearly 700 nursing homes, which care for tens of thousands of residents statewide. While supporters tout these changes as a way to...
Tampa Mayor Jane Castor on ERA

Tampa partners with AARP to become an “age-friendly city”

There are already more than forty Florida communities that AARP considers “Age-Friendly” and Tampa wants to be next.
Bill Barr Kellyanne Conway

Bill Barr unveils elder fraud hotline; protesters greet him and Kellyanne Conway

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr spoke in Sun City Center Tuesday to warn seniors about elder fraud. More than 20 protesters held signs opposing Barr outside the community hall where he spoke to about 400...

Vices & Taboos on Life Elsewhere

Much of the health advice we receive today tells us that in order to be healthy, we must consume a Spartan diet, exercise with the intensity of an Olympic athlete, and take a drug for...
Health Care, not tax cuts. Medicaid, not millionaires. Trumpcare. AHCA. Senate healthcare bill

Tampa groups urge a “no” vote on Trumpcare

Republican leaders in the U.S. Senate have delayed a vote on their bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a “Trumpcare” bill that cuts Medicaid and reduces taxes; in a press conference...

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