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The Scoop: Wed. April 3rd, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

Hillsborough will vote on tax for schools The Hillsborough County School Board approved a tax increase vote aimed at strengthening education funding. Urchin parasite Researchers at the University of South Florida have discovered that a...

Ron DeSantis signs a bill allowing larger wine containers in Florida

The Florida law, which will go into effect July 1, will allow wine to be sold in 4.5-, 6-, 9-, 12- and 15-liter glass bottles.

What Are The Legal & Medical Status of Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Technologies in Florida Today?

Experts review the legal and medical status of reproductive rights & technologies today. Surrogacy lawyer Roia Barrios and reproductive endocrinologist & obgyn fertility specialist Dr. Carolina Sueldo discuss the Alabama IVF law, "fetal personhood," the...
Florida Capitol

Sustainability group recaps wins and losses of 2024 legislative session

Listen: The Florida Legislative Session ended March 8th.  Sustainability advocacy group 1000 Friends of Florida recapped what they feel are the wins and losses of the session during a presentation on  Wednesday. The group 1000...
Ron Filipkowski

What happened to Sarasota?

Once a quiet corner of moderate Republicans who supported the arts and planned parenthood, Sarasota has morphed into a politically polarized hotbed of right wing extremism. What happened to Sarasota? Joe Gruters. The state senator...
Aerial photo of downtown Tallahassee, Florida and the State Capitol

The 2025 Florida Legislative session will be March 4 – May 2

Florida legislative sessions in even-numbered years start in January, while sessions in odd-numbered years start in March.
Tampa Bay Times reporter Justin Garcia

How the Tampa fire chief called the cops on a reporter seeking a public record

Tampa Bay Times reporter Justin Garcia appeared on the Tuesday Cafe with Sean March 12 to discuss how the Tampa fire chief called the police when he requested the personnel records of a firefighter who...
Florida black bear

The new Florida budget: here’s how these special interests made out, from bears to leaf blowers to the beef industry

The Florida budget includes money for more than 1,500 programs and projects that lawmakers want to bring back to their communities.
LGBTQ Pride LGBT flag

Here are 10 bills that died in the 2024 Florida Legislative session

When Florida lawmakers went home after ending the 2024 legislative session Friday, they left behind hundreds of bills that did not pass.
Florida Capitol

Here are ten big issues from the 2024 Florida Legislative Session

The 2024 legislative session ended Friday. Here are snapshots of 10 big issues from the session like relaxing regulations on teen workers.
Florida Capitol

Florida lawmakers pass a budget and end the session

Minority Leader Fentrice Driskell said, “It really seems to me like the Republicans are turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to Floridians who are in crisis.”
Tracie Davis

Tracie Davis of Jacksonville is slated to lead Senate Democrats in Florida

Sen. Tracie Davis, D-Jacksonville, is slated to become the Florida Senate Democratic leader after the 2026 elections.

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