Women’s Show 7/27 – Terry Tempest Williams on “The Hour of Land”/ Janet Redman on “Dirty Energy Bill”

Score one for the little people…  all your protests and Indivisible groups demanding to be heard by your senators has paid off… but we have to KEEP UP THE PRESSURE…. I don’t know about you, but the politics of this time are draining my spirit and I am aware there is a disconnect to my… Read more »

Women’s Show – Arnie Arnesen’s “Attitude” & Emma Collum on Women’s NRA March

Women will not be intimidated into silence….  Drip….drip….drip….the Russians are coming.  On, they are already here?  The Prince of Orange – which side are you on?  It is said, you have to step back to get the big picture.  All I know is that if I step back any further, I will fall off the… Read more »

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Women’s Show 6/29 – Divided We Stand with author Marjorie Spruill

The polarization of American politics is stunning and has almost reached the point of ineffectiveness… The election of Trump justifies the question – has the political process collapsed totally?  The 4th of July is coming – patriotism and history abound, but what are we missing?  Is it big money?  Is it the warring military industrial… Read more »

WMNF Wins Give Day Tampa Bay Prize

On Tuesday, May 2, WMNF participated along with 600 nonprofits in Give Day Tampa Bay, sponsored by the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. We asked for as many of you to support us at least once during that 24-hour time and you came through in a big way! WMNF is proud to announce that thanks… Read more »

Women’s Show 4/13 – Earth Day Network and ACLU Awards for Women’s March

The March for Science in Conjunction with Earth Day….. Who would have “thunk” that in the year 2017 we would be marching for science?  Actually it makes a great deal of sense.  We live in a time of  extreme ideologies, all clamoring for the podium of power. Science historically has challenged the paradigm of untested… Read more »

Support WMNF Before Give Day Tampa Bay 2017!

Give Day Tampa Bay, the 24-hour online giving challenge, returns for a fourth year on Tuesday, May 2, 2017. The good news is that if you won’t be around Tuesday,  May 2, you can give early and help WMNF compete with nearly 600 non-profits in the Tampa Bay Area! WMNF is a charitable organization just… Read more »

The mountaintop removal site at Kayford Mountain, West Virginia.

Mari-Lynn Evans, Director of “Blood on the Mountain” on Radioactivity Thursday

USF faculty launch efforts for better pay and working conditions Adjunct faculty members do a lot of work at colleges and universities. Many core courses are taught by adjuncts — professionals who are essentially part time workers, with no job security. At the University of South Florida (USF), some adjuncts have joined together to try… Read more »

Healthcare system represented as gears

Rick Ford with Floridians for Health Care on Radioactivity Friday

Failure of Republican Health Care Plan Draws New Interest to Single Payer / Medicare for All Almost everyone agrees our health care system needs improvement, and there are growing calls for a single payer health care system in the U.S. Rob Lorei talks with some Florida single payer activists. President Trump and his fellow Republicans… Read more »

Miami Beach Mayor Phil Levine Talks Trump, Climate Change and Possible Run for Governor; and Listeners Evaluate president Obama’s Record

WMNF’s Radioactivity 1 19 17 with Rob Lorei Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up—one of the possible candidates for Florida governor is up in Washington DC this week. He’ll join us in a moment to talk about Donald Trump, global warming and whether or not he’ll run for governor. Later I’ll… Read more »