Hollyglen – Pop punk/emo

If you paint those fingernails black, if you your jean jacket is covered in pins from the used or Stroke 9, if you are a product of the early 2000s pop punk/emo music movement, you are going to love Hollyglen.

MidPoint: Psychedelics for mental health

Depression and anxiety seem to be a prevailing mood among the masses, and the clinical diagnosis and treatment of such mental illnesses still leave much to be desired. Adverse side effects from prescription medication and a continued sense of distress have given way to new thought processes and ideas on how mental illness could be treated in the future.This week on MidPoint, chemist and researcher Dr. Chris Witkowski of Psilera Bioscience discusses their development of therapeutic and medicinal uses of natural psychedelics.

Badcameo – Indie Rock/Funk

The Badcameo funk train travelled all across the country just to pull into Live Music Showcase station! These boys have travelled the country and boy oh boy do they have stories to tell. Check out there music and their antics in this action packed episode!

Shelby Sol – Neo Soul

With a voice like buttercream frosting, Sol Is bringing the Neo-Soul to Live Music Showcase today! We are talking all things R&B, and digging in to the message behind the music.

Blake Daniels – Americana Rock

With songs that talk about Marlon Brando and Han Solo, Blake Daniels is the every-man’s songwriter. His new album is everywhere you can stream music. Check out live performances from that album right here in this episode!

Sick Hot – Rock

Sick Hot IS rock. The hair is long. The pants are leather. The guitar amps are smoking. Bands like Sick Hot are breathing new life back into rock music. Keep a fire extinguisher handy and give this episode a listen!

Adam Randall – Singer/songwriter

A cup of hot tea, your coziest blanket, a little stormy weather, and Adam Randall is all you need. Adam and his band play us a little gloomy weather music as we discuss using music to process emotions.