Climatenomics: a new book examines the economic benefits of climate action

Climatenomics - economics of climate change book

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A new book looks at the economic benefits that will come from aggressively working to slow climate change by shifting toward renewable energy and efficiency. The book is called Climatenomics. Washington, Wall Street and the Economic Battle to Save Our Planet.

Climatenomics on WMNF

The author of Climatenomics, Bob Keefe, was interviewed by Seán Kinane on WMNF’s Tuesday Café . Keefe is executive director of E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs), a group of business owners, investors and professionals who “advance policies that are good for the environment and good for the economy.”

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During the show, Keefe pointed out that Florida faces $14 billion per year of climate-fueled damage.

And the state has 170,000 out of the nation’s 3.2 million jobs in clean energy.

Watch the interview here:

Watch a previous WMNF interview with Bob Keefe here.

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