Do women have a right to control their bodies? & The Israel and Gaza conflict

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WOMEN’S VOICES…..not being heard


How many women have you seen giving analysis of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict? I don’t mean mothers in anguish over dead or frightened civilians. Nor do I mean the spokeswomen for the various peace groups. Not many. Does it matter? SIMONA SHARONI is Jewish, lived much of her life in Israel, and served in the Israeli military. She is an internationally-known feminist scholar, researcher and activist. She has taught both at Haifa University in Israel and at Evergreen State College. She is now a professor at SUNY Plattsburgh. She is a founding member of Women in Black and has worked for years facilitating encounter groups between Israeli Jews and Palestinians. She has struggled, and along with various women’s peace groups has worked to end the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Her life story alone is fascinating.

And what do cats with orange ribbons on their tales have to do with the West Bank Settlements?

Women…Do they have a right to control their bodies?


Senior Legal Analyst, RH Reality Check. The right for women to control their bodies is being fought in the state legislatures and the courts. Yes, it is 2014 and women are still fighting for that sentence, “All men are created equal.” The courts front and center this week – Alabama, Mississippi, Wisconsin, and Texas – ongoing – are hearing about the TRAP laws. What are the TRAP laws?