Early Cancer Detection with Dr. Whitney Jones MD

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Dr. Whitney Jones, MD, Senior Medical Director at Grail, a biotechnical company, joins Dr. Fred Harvey on The Healthy Steps radio show to explore the revolutionary new AI cancer screening technology that could prevent the 70% of cancers that are unscreened and save lives.

Here’s what Dr. Whitney Jones, MD, and I cover:
1. How artificial intelligence and cell-free DNA technology can be used to detect cancer early and accurately.

2. The challenges of single cancer screenings and the potential of multicancer screening to supplement them.

3. The increase in cancer due to environmental toxins, disrupted nutrition, and the pandemic, and how this can be addressed using new technology.

Dr. Whitney Jones is the Senior Medical Director at Grail, a biotechnical company located in Menlo Park, San Francisco, where he works to develop early cancer screening tests. He is a gastroenterologist with a background in therapeutic medicine and public health, and has dedicated his career to finding and helping people get through colon cancer.