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“The Doctor’s in” on the Healthy Steps Radio Show! Hosted by Dr. Fred Harvey, with expertise in internal medicine, geriatric medicine, functional medicine, and Holistic-Integrative Medicine specializing in chronic illness recovery & prevention and defiant aging. Healthy Steps Show covers a wide range of topics related to health and wellness.

In each episode, Dr. Harvey shares his knowledge and experience with listeners and invites various special guests to join him on the show, adding different perspectives and expertise to the discussions. Listeners can also call in to have their questions answered live on air by Dr. Harvey and his guests.

Tune in to the Healthy Steps Radio Show every Monday at 10 AM EST for expert advice and engaging conversations on achieving and maintaining optimal health.

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  • In this episode of the Healthy Steps show on WMNF Tampa, Dr. Fred Harvey discusses various health topics, focusing on Women's Health Month, breast cancer, and the importance of early detection. He addresses the nuances of cancer diagnosis and treatment, emphasizing the role of fear in health decisions. The show features a range of listener questions on topics such as cayenne pepper's health benefits, the efficacy of mammograms, fasting glucose levels, the impact of mRNA vaccines, and more. Dr. Harvey provides insights into both conventional and alternative health approaches, advocating for a balanced and informed perspective on health management.
  • In this episode of "The Healthy Steps Show" on WMNF Tampa, Dr. Fred Harvey delves into the intricate balance of cellular systems within the body, focusing on how inflammation can be naturally controlled through diet and supplements. He highlights the roles of nuclear factor kappa beta and nuclear regulatory factor two in managing inflammation and preventing disease. Throughout the episode, Dr. Harvey addresses listener questions on a variety of health issues, providing personalized advice on using natural supplements like fish oil and probiotics, and dietary strategies to support health during cancer treatment and other chronic conditions. Key discussions include the potent anti-inflammatory properties of foods such as broccoli, turmeric, and green tea and the overall importance of adopting a plant-based Mediterranean diet for maintaining long-term health.
  • In this episode of "The Healthy Steps Show" on WMNF Tampa, Dr. Fred Harvey discusses the urgent issues surrounding Earth Day, focusing on the environmental and health impacts of climate change. The episode highlights the significant shift in public perception towards recognizing climate change as a critical concern, spurred by increasing awareness and the alarming frequency of extreme weather events. Dr. Harvey underscores the role of human activities in exacerbating ecological disruptions and advocates for substantial action against corporate-driven environmental degradation. Throughout the show, callers contribute diverse perspectives on global responsibility, personal environmental initiatives, and the direct effects of climate change on daily life, emphasizing a communal call to action to preserve health and environmental integrity.
  • In this episode of the "Healthy Steps Show" with Dr. Fred Harvey, various health topics were discussed, with a significant emphasis on the potential health risks associated with vaping, particularly respiratory diseases and heart failure. Dr. Harvey highlighted a recent study suggesting that vaping significantly increases the risk of heart failure. Additionally, he addressed questions from listeners about various medical issues, including the effects of black mold exposure, neuropathy treatment, and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • This episode delves into the critical issues of health disparities, especially in the African American community with a focus on conditions like prostate cancer and heart disease, and the significant role of diet in managing health conditions such as hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Harvey, utilizing a functional medicine approach, offers enlightening advice on dietary modifications, the impact of environmental factors like microplastics on our health, and the use of supplements such as Vitamin D, Curcumin, and Quercetin to combat post-COVID symptoms.
  • Dr. Fred Harvey delves into a variety of health topics, offering insights on medical cannabis, dietary recommendations for managing psoriatic arthritis, and the benefits of specific supplements for various health concerns. He cautions against smoking cannabis due to potential heart and lung risks, advocating for alternative consumption methods like vaporizers and edibles. Dr. Harvey also outlines dietary changes and supplements that could alleviate symptoms of psoriatic arthritis, emphasizing an anti-inflammatory, nutrient-rich diet. Additionally, he addresses questions on food sensitivity testing, eye health, and skin cancer prevention, suggesting a holistic approach to health that includes careful consideration of lifestyle choices, diet, and the prudent use of supplements to support overall well-being.
  • In this engaging episode of the "Healthy Steps Show" on WMNF Tampa, 88.5 FM, Dr. Fred Harvey explores a myriad of health and wellness topics, from the tail end of allergy season to the efficacy of nasal irrigation and nutritional supplements in managing allergies. He critically examines public health policies, particularly around measles vaccinations and COVID-19, emphasizing common sense and ethical considerations. The episode is rich with listener interactions, addressing concerns ranging from the benefits of multivitamins and knee surgery preparations to managing stage three kidney disease and arthritis treatments. Dr. Harvey's insights into holistic health practices, the critique of health policies, and the importance of personal responsibility in health underscore the episode's comprehensive look at maintaining wellness in the face of modern challenges.
  • Vaccine therapy and inflammation concerns have recently come into the spotlight, especially with the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine. The potential occurrence of brain inflammation in both children and adults post-vaccination has been a focal point of these discussions, underscoring the need for more extensive research into the inflammatory responses triggered by the vaccine. A key voice in this dialogue is Dr. Fred Harvey, who brings to the conversation his concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine potentially leading to an increase in inflammation and the onset of neurological issues such as ADHD and autism. Dr. Harvey stresses the importance of addressing both brain and vascular inflammation in long-haul COVID patients, proposing a therapeutic approach focused on reducing inflammation. His stance has been shaped by his experience and understanding of the potential risks presented by the new vaccine therapy and the imperative to safeguard the health and well-being of those receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.
Hosted by
Fred Harvey, Medical Director

Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine and Functional Medicine

In medical practice in the American “health care” paradigm since 1996, Dr. Fred Harvey has mastered a synergistic east meets west, internal and functional medical practice that few physicians have mastered. With an encyclopedic comprehension of the human body and mind, Dr. Harvey’s intellectual brilliance has ignited thousands of patients to achieve & maintain optimal wellness.

Dr. Harvey’s medical educational and experiential path has been extensive. He is a passionate advocate of wellness, teacher of functional medicine, a lifelong student, and trusted collaborator. He currently teaches his patients and seminar students what their individual bodies need, how the physiological functions operate, and then designs individual lifestyle plans that are not hindered by lack of proper nutrition, intake of non-foods or absorption of harmful chemicals. With a strong focus on preventive care and wellness, Dr. Harvey offers obtainable treatments for complex health challenges in people of all ages. Dr. Harvey provides extensive, specialized one-on-one care starting with the microbiome. He listens intently and provides thorough consultation, accurate diagnosis, testing and treatment within his one to two hour appointments.

Harvey’s philosophy is to prevent disease rather than treat random symptoms by template matching a set of medical insurance codes. For this reason, Dr. Harvey stepped away from the Insurance companies and Medicare’s binding red tape that limited the HCIM consultation and has championed a wellness focused; self-pay practice promoting individual care plans. The way all medical care should be – comprehensive, unhurried and individualized.

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