The Healthy Steps Show with Dr. Fred Harvey

The Healthy Steps Show with Dr. Fred Harvey Podcast

  • Monday

    10:00 am - 11:00 am

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“The Doctor’s in” on the Healthy Steps Radio Show! Hosted by Dr. Fred Harvey, with expertise in internal medicine, geriatric medicine, functional medicine, and Holistic-Integrative Medicine specializing in chronic illness recovery & prevention and defiant aging. Healthy Steps Show covers a wide range of topics related to health and wellness.

In each episode, Dr. Harvey shares his knowledge and experience with listeners and invites various special guests to join him on the show, adding different perspectives and expertise to the discussions. Listeners can also call in to have their questions answered live on air by Dr. Harvey and his guests.

Tune in to the Healthy Steps Radio Show every Monday at 10 AM EST for expert advice and engaging conversations on achieving and maintaining optimal health.

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Hosted By...

Fred Harvey, Medical Director  [email protected]

Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine and Functional Medicine

In medical practice in the American “health care” paradigm since 1996, Dr. Fred Harvey has mastered a synergistic east meets west, internal and functional medical practice that few physicians have mastered. With an encyclopedic comprehension of the human body and mind, Dr. Harvey’s intellectual brilliance has ignited thousands of patients to achieve & maintain optimal wellness.

Dr. Harvey’s medical educational and experiential path has been extensive. He is a passionate advocate of wellness, teacher of functional medicine, a lifelong student, and trusted collaborator. He currently teaches his patients and seminar students what their individual bodies need, how the physiological functions operate, and then designs individual lifestyle plans that are not hindered by lack of proper nutrition, intake of non-foods or absorption of harmful chemicals. With a strong focus on preventive care and wellness, Dr. Harvey offers obtainable treatments for complex health challenges in people of all ages. Dr. Harvey provides extensive, specialized one-on-one care starting with the microbiome. He listens intently and provides thorough consultation, accurate diagnosis, testing and treatment within his one to two hour appointments.

Harvey’s philosophy is to prevent disease rather than treat random symptoms by template matching a set of medical insurance codes. For this reason, Dr. Harvey stepped away from the Insurance companies and Medicare’s binding red tape that limited the HCIM consultation and has championed a wellness focused; self-pay practice promoting individual care plans. The way all medical care should be – comprehensive, unhurried and individualized.