Florida This Week talks upcoming primary; Listeners respond to escalating violence at Trump rallies.

Donald Trump elephant

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By Rob Lorei

Today on Radioactivity we listen to WEDU’s Florida this week, a political talk show hosted by Rob Lorei on Friday nights. In this episode political experts from across the state discuss the hottest stories in Florida politics: The final campaign push by several presidential candidates before the primary elections on Tuesday,  the Legislature rejects the governor’s priorities in passing the new budget,  more abortion restrictions are passed in Tallahassee, and women’s groups are opposing proposed changes to state alimony laws.

Then we open up the phone lines for listeners to discuss the increasing outbreaks of violence at Donald Trump’s campaign rallies. Brawls between protesters and Trump supporters have marked his most recent stops, including an event in Chicago cancelled due to safety concerns that devolved into a melee that led to arrests and left dozens injured.