From a Woman’s POV discusses American police trained in Israel with Medea Benjamin, Citizens United and an abortion documentary

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Do you think we have all become Mr. Jones?

Gaza – the World Health Organization is calling the conditions for children in Gaza a world health emergency. A growing, very viable industry in Israel is homeland security. Did you know that most major police departments in this country, including the St. Louis County and City police forces, have had training in Israel for homeland security? That there is a branch of the NYPD in Tel Aviv? The pentagon only too happily sees crime fighters to war fighters in the battle against terrorism. MEDEA BENJAMIN, co-founder of Code Pink and Global Exchange, will talk about these and other issues. It wasn’t surprising that people in Gaza were texting practical measures to sue against tear gas to people in Ferguson. Does your head hurt yet, Mr. Jones?

Is part of the problem the total dysfunctionality of our political system?

Too much money anyone? Particularly too much dark money? Justice Ginsburg says the worst mistake in her time on the Supreme Court has been Citizens United. She said it is already obvious the effect this is having on free speech and people’s political voice. People are fighting back. The Democracy for All Amendment, SJ 19, which is hoping to overturn Citizens United and get some of the corporate money out of politics, will be voted on in the Senate September 8. MARGE BAKER, Executive Vice President for Policy and Program Planning, People for the American Way, will fill us in on the details. Mitch McConnell has said Citizens United only leveled the playing field. What do you think?

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Is part of the problem that women are still fighting tooth and nail for the autonomy of their bodies?

Is there anything much more polarizing than discussions of abortion? How many times have you heard from the actual doctors and women who are involved? An documentary film, After Tiller, will be aired Monday September 1 at 10:00 PM on PBS stations as part of the POV series. LANA WILSON, Co-director and Co-producer of the film, will talk about the film.