FUN-gus Permaculture Show

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On today’s show we started with a short interview with Kip Curtis, founder of the Edible Peace Patch Project in South St Pete about a talk he’ll be doing Friday, June 27, from 5 to 8 PM at Tanja & Jared’s Sulphur Springs Urban Farm about the National Farm to Fork School movement. Then mycologist, Florida Earth Skills Gathering Founder, and Florida off- grid homesteader and permaculturist, Mycol Stevens, joined the show. Mycol will be doing a Mushroom Identification walk at Ecofarm for a pledge to WMNF next month. One of Mycol’s friends, permaculture designer and Earth skills participant, Jungle Jay, also joined the program to talk about the Beacon Gardens in Clearwater and his attempts at a gift economy. Jungle Jay, a Radiologist and Permaculture Designer, among a lot of other things, is a great naturalist tour leader.