St. Petersburg, Florida

Shoreline and Spring restoration with Tom Ries

On February 19th 2024 88.5 WMNF Sustainable Living hosts Tanja Vidovic and Anni Ellis spoke with local environmentalist Tom Ries. Tom Ries is a nationally known ecologist with more than 40 years of experience restoring...

Yard Waste – new program with the City of Tampa

City of Tampa adds yard waste composting program. Listen to the show to find how to participate. Thanks for your support of the Sustainable Living Show

Self Determination and Healthy Living

The Forum begins with a nod to the enduring legacy of Marcus Garvey, the Black Nationalist of the early 20th century, as we talked about  about modern ideas for Black self-sufficiency. Gardening in it’s many...

Coffeeland. Restoring Eden.

Augustine Sedgewick – Coffeeland: One Man’s Dark Empire and the Making of Our Favorite Drug What do you know about coffee? A wonderful new book will change how you look at – or taste coffee...

Sustainable Living: Growing and building your own floral bouquets

This week’s guest was Kali Rabaut of Blue House Florals… who among many other talents, grows her bouquets organically on her home property. 

Food insecurity solutions reviewed at SPC panel

Listen: NEWS AgricultureVP0223 WMNF’s Camilla Carrero reports on a panel discussion hosted by the St. Petersburg College Institute for Strategic Policy Solutions about the $9 billion dollar agriculture industry. Urban agriculture is increasing in popularity, as...

Sustainable Living: Dr. Amanda Pike transforming Florida landscapes into edible food forests

Our guest on Monday was Dr. Amanda Pike. She is a board-certified therapist, and certified educational leader.

Duke Energy is giving away 1,200 trees

Duke Energy will celebrate Arbor Day by giving away 1,200 free trees to Florida customers starting April 28th.

Exploring honey bees and native bees with Angela Rodríguez Díaz

Angela is a backyard beekeeper and due to her physical limitations as a disabled veteran, has designed horizontal bee boxes.

Growing and eating a Florida summer garden with Polk County Extension agents

How to grow and eat a summer garden in Florida with Anne Yasalonis and Andrea Nikolai extension agents in Polk county.

Discovering Florida’s Carnivorous Plants with Kenny Coogan and Manny Herrera

May 4, 2022 is World Carnivorous Plant Day. Manny Herrera explains how Florida's carnivorous plants lure, catch and digest their prey.

Promoting pollinators in the backyard with Virginia Overstreet

On April 25, 20222 show Kenny and Anni interviewed Virginia Overstreet to find out how to promote pollinators in the backyard.

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