Gardening with Nate & Mehmet

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We had an enjoyable Labor Day Sustainable Living Show with a couple of interesting guests. Last year we sold vegetables at the Twilight Market in Ybor City and met a way cool couple that were selling their inner-city duck eggs, veggies, potted plants and a great variety of Jams and Jellies. Nate and Charlie always arrived in their hippy hand-painted car and we enjoyed our evening plant talks. Nate Chetelat joined the show and talked about urban farming with mainly perennials on a rented lot in Tampa. Greg, a new friend and gourmet pizza maker suggested the next guest, who’s growing heirloom vegetables and selling the seeds. Mehmet’s farming on part of the ‘Goat Lady’ Pam Lunn’s farm, The Dancing Goat, in western Hillsborough County. He talked about the open-pollinated, non-GMO, and non-hybrid vegetable seeds at Mehmet’s from Turkey originally and specializes in Turkish seeds, plus they carry rare and/or uncommon seeds from all over the world, as well as commonly known heirlooms.