Grassroots organization harassed by cops in Saint Pete for feeding the hungry

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Food Not Bombs


Grassroots organization faces challenges in getting undernurished fed. Last evening as the sun set on Mirror Lake in downtown Saint Petersburg Food not Bombs catered a vegan and vegetarian homemade buffet. A small group of supporters with big ideals brush off law enforcement hassles to feed the hungry.

Food Not Bombs is a worldwide grassroots organization made up of activists. One of its primary missions is to provide vegetarian food to the poor and hungry. Tracy Penokie, a member of Food Not Bombs, said so far today it’s been quiet but last week was different.

According to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Customer Services, 1 in 6 people in the Tampa Bay region live in hunger everyday. Saint Petersburg launched a campaign called Healthy Saint Pete this year which aims to assist health, nutrition and wellness in the city. How long it will last or what kind of impact Healthy Saint Pete will have is not clear. Tracy Penokie of Food Not Bombs said her group wants to make a lasting effort.

Penokie of Food Not Bombs said her group is it for the long haul.