Maryann Ferenc, Mise en Place proprietor

Maryann Ferenc on spending tourism tax dollars on Tampa’s growing dining scene

The Michelin Guide is poised this week to bestow more of its coveted stars to a handful of Florida restaurants, something that never would have happened without tourism tax dollars. That’s because local tourism agencies...

A ‘cultivated’ meat ban is approved by the Florida Senate

The Florida Senate on Thursday approved a wide-ranging bill that would ban the sale of what Gov. Ron DeSantis has described as “fake meat”

Responding to Food Insecurity in Florida with Gulf Coast JFCS

It’s Thanksgiving time and our thoughts turn to food and those who may not have it. Our friends from Gulf Coast JFCS joined us to discuss the many ways their programs address food insecurity in...

Florida boosts its citrus budget

An increase in the forecast for the citrus growing season means a little more juice in the budget for the Department of Citrus.

Sustainable Living: Dr. Amanda Pike transforming Florida landscapes into edible food forests

Our guest on Monday was Dr. Amanda Pike. She is a board-certified therapist, and certified educational leader.

Giving Thanks with Meals on Wheels Tampa

Every Thanksgiving season MidPoint spotlights issues of food insecurity and we always look for "the helpers." The crew from Meals on Wheels Tampa, Cindy Vann, and Erica Leigh, and MOW super-volunteer Rebecca Fiore joined us...

Award-winning Chef Ferrell Alvarez on Michelin ratings and the Tampa food scene

Ferrell Alvarez and his business partners own and operate five restaurants in the Bay area and more are on the way. He talked to WaveMakers about Michelin stars, who creates his menus and restaurant culture....

Monthly food distribution will begin again in South Brooksville in February

To combat hunger and poverty, the monthly distribution of food will begin again in South Brooksville, Florida starting on February 2.

The Secrets Of Groceries & The Passion For Baking

Benjamin Lorr – The Secret Life Of Groceries  – The Dark Miracle Of The American Supermarket What does it take to run the American supermarket? How do products get to shelves? Who sets the price?...

Need groceries? Here’s how to get them delivered during safer at home directive

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources Need groceries? Most of us, right now, want to protect ourselves and our community. That means avoiding congested, public places, and keeping our 6-foot distances. However, this...

Find out where your kids can get free meals this summer

During the school year, many kids who don’t get enough to eat at home can get free or reduced-price lunches at school. But where do they turn during the summer months? Well, you can find...

Sustainable Living’s Holiday Food Program

On Monday’s WMNF Sustainable Living Holiday Food Program we talked with three locals with independent food businesses. Our guests were Sarah Arrazola, founder of St. Pete Ferments and a product of the Sunshine City. Her...

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