How much would a Bernie Sanders healthcare system cost?

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by Rob Lorei

During last night’s Democratic debate, one of the argument that Hillary Clinton levied against Sen. Bernie Sanders is that his plan for single payer healthcare system is unfeasibly expensive; both she and the wall street journal quote a $18 trillion price tag for a single payer model. That number is based on an analysis by Gerald Friedman, Economics Professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, who joins us today to crunch the numbers on Sander’s plan and how much more it would really cost compared to current health care expenses.

Then look at the push for living wages for child care workers, who often live on poverty level wages even as the prices for child care increase. Today workers from around the state are rallying in Tallahassee at a hearing to finalize federal funds that would strengthen the childcare system and provide living wages. Joining us to talk about her own experience working in childcare is  LiAnne Flakes, who works locally at a daycare in Tampa.