Mastery Over Menopause with special guest Dr. Betty Murray

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In this episode of Healthy Steps, Dr. Fred Harvey and Dr. Betty Murray discuss how the changes in estrogen metabolism that happen around the perimenopause period can lead to weight gain and other difficulties for women over 40.

Here’s what Dr. Harvey covers with Betty Murray in this episode:
1. The effect of estrogen on metabolism and how this changes during menopause
2. The importance of mitochondrial health for overall health and well-being
3. The role of cholesterol in hormone production and how this can be impacted by diet

Betty Murray is the founder of LivingWell Dallas Functional Medicine Center and a recognized speaker on nutrition and hormone health. She has a Ph.D. in research and has made discoveries that have helped her devise a plan for balancing hormones and restoring metabolic pathways in women over 40.