Intriguing, Alluring: Samana. Redux on Life Elsewhere

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Samana are huge favorites at Life Elsewhere. They have appeared on the show a number of times, talking about their music and even suggesting presents for the Holiday Season. We think you deserve to hear our original interview with them again.

Samana are a nomadic duo who recently returned from a year-long trip living and writing on the road. Having taken residence in a farmhouse in the Brecon Beacons, Samana have since built an analog studio and darkroom where the duo creates all of their work.” That was the only information to accompany four beautiful tracks of music on the EP, Requiem by Samana.

The music is intriguing, alluring, in parts haunting, sad even, yet there is a warmth, a soul…perhaps an expression of love? We had to know more. With a little determination, we made contact with the elusive duo and an interview was arranged via Skype. In the next edition of Life ElsewhereNorman B talks with Rebecca and Frankie of Samana. Be prepared to be captivated as they speak openly with unaffected honesty. You’ll hear the four tracks from Requiem plus a bonus cut, The Black Forest. Make sure you do not miss Samana next on Life Elsewhere.

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