The Scoop: Thur. May 16th, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

The Tampa community has been addressing concerns of gun violence, handling lawsuits, that address racial allegations and Israeli bonds.

On Zionism and Antisemitism – Maura Finkelstein shares her views

On this week’s episode of TrueTalk, Samar and Ahmed talk to Jewish author and anthropologist Maura Finkelstein, who wrote an article about Zionism, titled “Don’t be fooled – Biden is the real antisemite”. In her article,...
Free Palestine flag

A discussion with USF students about why they’re protesting

These students oppose the ongoing Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip and the financial connection to the University of South Florida.

American Data Companies and the War on Gaza – A discussion with James Bamford

We discusse the intricate dynamics between the NSA, software company Palantir, Israel, and Gaza, and the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in surveillance and military operations. He sheds light on how Palantir, a data analytics company, has been...

Pro-Palestine march through the streets of Sarasota

On Saturday about 30 pro-Palestinian demonstrators took to the streets of Sarasota to demand a cease-fire in Gaza following Israel’s 6 month assault on Palestine in the wake of the surprise attack last year by...

USF hunger strike ends after 17 days

Leaders of the hunger strike at the University of South Florida Tampa campus told members to abandon the hunger strike after 17 days (April 3, 2024). Students pushed divestment from companies that support the Israeli...
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Activists refuse to pay federal taxes over US funding of Israel

Listen: The United States is receiving increasing scrutiny for giving billions of dollars in financial support to Israel. One activist group is protesting the aid by refusing to pay federal taxes. Lincoln Rice has been...

Morningstar remains on Florida’s ‘scrutinized companies’ list because the state thinks it might label companies that do business in occupied Palestinian territories

Morningstar remains on a Florida list of “scrutinized companies” tied to the BDS movement against Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands.
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Florida buys $50 million more Israel bonds

Florida, which also purchased Israeli bonds in October, increased its holdings of Israel bonds to $250 million.

USF students protest university funds linked to Israel/Hamas war [Updated 3/22/24]

About 30 students at the University of South Florida protested inside the Board of Trustees meeting at the Tampa campus today. Some of those students began a hunger strike to oppose university investments in companies...

From Tampa to Gaza: Stories of Solidarity and Struggle

In this compelling episode of True Talk, host Ahmed Bedier speaks with two Tampa Bay area women standing up to help Gaza in their own unique ways. They represent a part of the growing national...

Unveiling The Blind Spot: Palestine, America, and Mediation – A Conversation with Khaled El Guindy

In this week's episode of "TrueTalk," we delve into a conversation that, while from 2020, resonates profoundly with the current war on Gaza. Our host Samar engages with Egyptian author Khaled El Guindy, shedding light...

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