Leaky Gut Syndrome with special guest Dr. Cheryl Burdette

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When esteemed Dr. Cheryl Burdette joins Dr. Fred Harvey on the Healthy Steps radio show to discuss gut markers, they uncover the ironic truth that leaky gut, depression, and anxiety can be caused by diet and lifestyle, allowing listeners to take control of their health and wellness.

You will learn:
1. What is the connection between gut markers and our microbiome?
2. How can leaky gut affect our overall well-being?
3. What is the role of histamine in our health, and what can we do to manage it?

Dr. Cheryl Burdette is an esteemed naturopath, NP, and director of the Education and Naturopathic Residency Program at Progressive Medical in Dunwoody, Georgia. She is also a principal in Precision Point Diagnostics, a functional laboratory, and is an expert in gut markers and their impact on the microbiome.