Managing High Blood Pressure, Supporting Nerve Health and Managing Glucose Levels with Dr. Fred Harvey


In the latest episode of The Healthy Steps Show, Dr. Fred Harvey delves into the complex world of laboratory testing, neuropathy, and vascular health. Dr. Harvey, with his extensive experience in diagnosing challenging conditions, emphasizes the importance of functional tests in interpreting lab results and the role of dietary supplements in managing neuropathy. He also discusses the role of statins in treating cholesterol-related issues and improving vascular health. His unique perspective is shaped by his belief in a holistic approach to health, considering various factors such as diabetes, blood vessel problems, toxicity, injuries, and malnutrition that can cause neuropathy. Don’t miss out on this enlightening discussion, join Dr. Fred Harvey on this episode of the Healthy Steps Radio Show podcast.



(00:02:10) The Role of Laboratory Testing in Diagnosis

(00:10:41) Supporting Nerve Health and Regrowth in Neuropathy

(00:17:45) Managing High Blood Pressure and AFib with Medications and Supplements

(00:23:25) Obtaining Vitamin D3 for Optimal Health

(00:29:36) Gabapentin: Temporarily Reduces Neuropathic Pain Perception

(00:35:15) Navigating Diagnosis Challenges with Individualized Approaches

(00:48:01) Managing Glucose Levels and Pre-Diabetes Risk

(00:50:58) The Impact of Statins on Cholesterol

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