Mike Fox Discusses Medicare for All on Radioactivity Friday

Doctors for the 99 Percent march from Zuccotti Park to St. Vincent's Hospital to demand its reopening and health care for all. October 26, 2011

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Renewed effort by activists to win support for Medicare for All

Changes in the Affordable Care Act are stalled in Washington as Republicans cannot agree how to go forward. That’s despite President Trump’s promise that he would repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with something that would cover everyone, while also reducing premiums and deductibles.

While Republicans cannot seem to get their act together in Washington, there is another idea for reform — an idea that has been advocated for many years: Medicare for All, a Canadian style single payer health insurance system. A recent poll from the Economist magazine found that 61% of Americans favor creating a federally funded health insurance system that covers every American. Even 40% of Trump voters favor expanding Medicare to provide health insurance to every American.

There were a series of rallies here in Florida last Saturday for single payer health care. One of the rallies took place in front of St. Anthony’s hospital in St. Petersburg. Rob Lorei interviews Mike Fox, an organizer of that event and a member of the group Progressive Democrats of America.


To listen back to this interview from 4/07/17, click here.