Parenting With Pride: a new group fighting “right-wing extremism” in Florida

Parenting with Pride
Jennifer Solomon with Parenting With Pride on WMNF (22 Aug 2023).

A new group of Florida parents is pushing back against the culture war being waged in the state, especially when it comes to schools; it’s called Parenting With Pride. It’s from a partnership with groups like the Human Rights Campaign, PFLAG and Equality Florida.

Its website provides resources for parents and students in dealing with issues like bullying, access to books, legal support, and transgender issues.

Some see it as a kind of response to the far-right parents’ group Moms For Liberty.

On WMNF’s Tuesday Cafe, host Sean Kinane spoke about Parenting With Pride with Jennifer Solomon, Equality Florida’s Parents and Families Support Manager.

Listen to the full show here:

Watch this interview here:

“I’m a parent, I have a child in the public school system. And my rights are just as important as a Mom For Liberty.

“I think that the bottom line is, as parents, we all want the right, the parental right to raise our children the way that we see fit, and government really has no place in that.

“And, you know, unfortunately, Moms For Liberty are very loud.

“Ron DeSantis has said that this is the voice of parents in the state of Florida. And I disagree.

“I think that the voice of parents in the state of Florida, our parents that want to make sure that our kids have a safe learning environment, have a place where they are getting information so that they can go on to college that they can go on to become productive adults in society.

“And so parental rights are not just for some they’re for all and some of these laws that have been passed have been targeting specifically our trans youth.

“We want to empower our parents to let them know that they also have rights.

“So it’s not just rights for some, it’s rights for all.”

– Jennifer Solomon

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