Radioactivity Wednesday: How Corporations Deny the Truth

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November 18, 2020

Barbara Freese is an environmental attorney and a former Minnesota assistant attorney general, currently living in St. Paul.  Freese is author of several books, including “Industrial-Strength Denial: Eight Stories of Corporations Defending the Indefensible from the Slave Trade to Climate Change”. Her interest in corporate denial was sparked by cross-examining coal industry witnesses disputing the science of climate change.

In her deeply researched new book, Freese lays out eight extensive campaigns mounted by business leaders to deny decades of wrongdoing, exposing the tactics that corporations use to cover up the harm they’ve caused. In these case studies ranging from the slave trade to fossil fuels to auto safety to tobacco, “Industrial-Strength Denial” asks the essential question – how far will industry leaders go to protect their bottom line?

Barbara Freese joins WMNF’s Rob Lorei to discuss her latest work.

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