Report exposes link between dirty money and Florida’s dirty waterways

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The advocacy group, Environment Florida, exposes top water polluters and the influence of dark money flowing into Florida in a report released today. The revelations impact local, state and federal policy makers.

On the steps of the St. Petersburg City Hall Tuesday, politicians and members of environmental organizations gathered to raise awareness of the importance of keeping the federal Clean Water Act in place.. According to the report, Buckeye — a subsidiary of Koch Industries — discharged more than 260 thousand pounds of toxic chemicals into Florida waterways in 2012.

Buckeye Florida responded to WMNF via email that they “have not seen an actual report and are unable to respond directly to the report. But that Georgia-Pacific employees operate our facilities in compliance with environmental laws and regulations. We and our families live, work and play here as well and we care about our environment. Our company – through the employee PAC – supports candidates based on their position in support of market-based policies and economic freedom for the benefit of society as a whole. In addition, our company, like many other organizations, works to ensure legislators understand issues important to us, our employees and our communities.”

Linda Young, executive director of Florida Clean Water Network says it’s time Floridians get to know who is funding dirty money and dirty waterways.

St. Pete City Council member Darden Rice told the sparse crowd, she applauds politicians who push to restore and protect Florida waterways at the federal level. But she is dismayed at some other local elected officials.

A bill was introduced in Congress in January that prohibits The Army Corps of Engineers and the EPA from enforcing provisions covered under the Clean Water Act.

below is a video posted to YouTube of the Environment Florida press conference