Reproductive rights advocate criticizes Florida’s new pregnancy support centers law

Pro-choice rally

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On MidPoint Monday we talked about issues from the recently-completed Florida Legislative session including women’s issues, specifically access to reproductive health. We talked about a new law boosting what are called “pregnancy support centers,” but our guest, a supporter of reproductive rights, calls them #fakeclinics.

Last week Governor Rick Scott signed a bill to make them more permanent and we talked about it with Amy Weintraub, reproductive justice director with Progress Florida.

We also talked about one proposal that failed in the legislature that would have restricted the most common kind of 2nd-trimester abortions (SB 1890 / 1229). It would have imposed new restrictions on doctors for doing some abortions. There were exceptions for when women’s lives are in danger and there’s no other medical alternative.

Florida’s Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC) was also looking at making abortion more difficult for women, but a proposal there to weaken the state’s constitutional protection on privacy failed.

Listen to the full show here. This segment begins at 15-minute mark:


Earlier in the show we heard about a statewide ban on fracking that failed again in this year’s Florida Legislative session. We also looked at its chances for next year.