Steve Hough of Florida Fair and Open Primaries on Radioactivity Tuesday

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Should Florida have open primary elections?

Before general elections we have primary elections where political parties ask their members to select from a roster of candidates who will be the party’s slate of candidates in the general election. In Florida you must be a member of a political party to vote in that party’s primary election. We have what’s called a closed primary system. But with gerrymandering being a big problem here in Florida and around the country, the decision about who will win a congressional seat or a seat in the legislature is often determined in the primary election. That’s because most legislative seats are drawn to benefit one political party or another. Turnout during primary elections is low, and because it’s restricted to party members, only a small fraction of voters ends up selecting who will be your next member of congress or your next state legislator when there is a closed primary.

Rob Lorei interviews Steve Hough of Panama City who is the lead spokesperson for Florida Fair and Open Primaries — a group that is trying to change Florida law to open up primary elections to all voters.

To listen back to this interview from 4/04/17, click here.