Scientist Warns of Danger of Storm Surge During Hurricanes

An aerial view of the storm surge damage Hurricane Ike inflicted upon Gilchrist, Texas.

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Leading local expert on hurricane storm surge flooding risks

The hurricane season began on June 1st and it lasts until November 1st. The potential for a catastrophe is huge here in the Bay area if a category three storm or higher hits us. By one estimate, if a major storm directly hits the Tampa Bay area, there would be 460,000 homes affected by storm surge creating $80 billion dollars in reconstruction costs from the storm surge alone.

Radioactivity host Rob Lorei was joined by Robert Weisberg, who is a distinguished professor of physical oceanography at the College of Marine Sciences at USF in St. Petersburg.

Find your evacuation map zone here.


Democratic Socialists Planning Organizational Meeting

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) will hold a public meeting Thursday night, June 15, at 7PM in Ybor City to try to build a chapter of the organization. Rob’s guests are three DSA members: Justin Garcia, Cara Malin and Christian Brooks.

Democratic Socialists On Radioactivity Christian Brooks Cara Malin Justin Garcia

From left to right: Christian Brooks, Cara Malin, Justin Garcia


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