Kriseman told Cuba its consulate should be in St. Pete

Kriseman Cuba

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St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman has returned from what he called a “very worthwhile trip” to Cuba.

During a press conference at City Hall Tuesday afternoon, Kriseman said he was blown away by the beauty and the arts in Havana.

The St. Petersburg delegation met for two hours with the deputy director for American affairs a the Cuban Ministry, Gustavo Machin and Mayor Kriseman told him the Cuban consulate in Florida should be in St. Petersburg.

Kriseman says it makes “perfect sense” for St. Petersburg to host the Cuban consulate in Florida. The mayor said he has not heard from one person critical of his trip to Cuba.

City Council Chair Charlie Gerdes would not out-and-out name Miami as one of the Florida cities where Machin said Cuba was not interested in placing a consulate, but he said the city was a very big one on the southeast Florida coast.

Gerdes says the next delegation from St. Petersburg to Cuba should be scientists from the city’s marine science industry.

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