Summer Fun Drive!

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WMNF is raising $220,000 from the listening community to keep our station thriving. Please donate to our Summer Fund Drive by calling 813.239.9663 or through WMNF.ORG

green bucket hat

We’ve got some super fantastic thank you gifts if you want one, including the first ever WMNF Bucket Hat! 

Why do we do fundraisers on the air? Not only is it a public media tradition, but it is the best way to hear from our listeners. We get to hear about why they love the station, what they would like to see happen with WMNF, and they tell us the shows they listen to all the time.

About 70% of WMNF’s budget comes from listeners’ donations. This means that we are not beholden to corporations or companies wanting to impact our programming. Listeners impact our programming. A good chunk of that 70% has grown to be the Circle of Friends. You become a sustaining supporter by setting an amount that you would like to donate each month, starting for as little as $5 and as much as thousands. Then it comes out of your bank account or off your credit card each month, until you tell us to stop it.

We would love to send you one of these great t-shirts, or a tote bag, concert tickets, or just a big thank you air kiss.

The Summer Fun Drive runs through 9am on Tuesday, June 14th. If you missed your favorite show, you can go to the programming page and find that show page and still donate. Or donate ahead of time so the DJ comes in and sees your generosity at the beginning of their show. Believe me, it makes people super happy.

Thanks again for being part of this wonderful radio station.