Sustainable Living: Sustainability in music

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On Monday’s (09/13/2021) sustainable living show, we talked to Florida-grown musician Grant Peeples about sustainability in music. 

As art and music keep getting taught less and less at schools, Peeples made sure to emphasize how important art and music can be early on in a child’s development.

“I am disturbed by music and art being cut by schools, but it’s not going to keep it from getting made,” Peeples mentions when talking about art and music and how it lets us connect with each other, especially children.

Peeples would go on to mention the importance of music and art in terms of how people communicate with each other and understand each other.

“It makes them better workers, it makes you better people, it makes a better society. When people can communicate, understand and interpret in metaphoric language as opposed to real language. That is what distinguishes us from every other animal,” Peeples said.

Later in the show we talked about the importance of house concerts for local artists and musicians. A house concert, which is when a person who owns or rents a house invites a local musician to come to play at their house, and the owner of the house charges a small entrance fee with all proceeds going to the musician, provides a great opportunity to help sustain local musicians and local artists. 

“We can make really good-sounding music now for a fraction of the cost and then we can throw it out there into the atmosphere, through social media. In many ways, this is the best time in the world to be an artist. You can be heard,” Peeples said when talking about the state of music today and how we consume it compared to how we consumed music in the past. 

Also mentioned in the show was how we can do a better job of recycling and reducing waste at concerts.