A Conversation with Diana Planche aka Set Feux

Exactly at the time scheduled for our Zoom conversation Diana Planche’s radiant smile fills my computer screen. She’s composed and striking, yet she whispers, “I’m nervous.” The Toronto-based singer-songwriter is not new to being in...

Melodies & Mindfulness: The Role of Music in Mental Health

The Influence of Music on the Human Spirit Music possesses a limitless power to resonate with the human spirit, arouse profound feelings, and cultivate a feeling of unity. It has served as a tool for...

Tampa folk singer mixes genres and breaks norms

Listen: Intro Song: Jasmine Air, Noan Partly  Amidst Beyonce’s genre-defying release of her new album last month, there’s a local Tampa folk artist also mixing genres and breaking expected norms. Oklahoma-raised, Florida-based musician Noan Partly...

From beats to conservation: Exploring the role of artists in environmental justice

Through historical reflections on counterculture movements and the genesis of Earth Day, it illuminates the enduring influence of music in advocating for environmental justice. Delve into the melodic tapestry that stitches together activism and change.

WMNF Record & CD Sale

MUSIC LOVERS! WMNF’s Record & CD Sale is back, and better than ever! We offer massive amounts of CDs, LPs and other goodies from WMNF! All priced to sell – We don’t want any leftovers....
The Beths music

The top songs of 2023

A countdown of the Top Songs of 2023.

Pop singer Pink to give out banned books at Florida concerts

Listen: Pop singer Pink will give away 2,000 banned books at her upcoming Florida concerts. This comes as Florida recorded the highest number of books bans in the country last school year. The books will...
Florida Highway A1A and US Hwy 1

Lauren Book files “Jimmy Buffett Highway” bill to rename the Overseas Highway entering Key West, Florida

Book's proposal would designate about a two-mile stretch of Florida Keys highway to honor Jimmy Buffett, who died Sept. 1.
Florida Highway A1A and US Hwy 1

Florida lawmaker proposes designating State Road A1A as “Jimmy Buffett Memorial Highway”

A Florida legislator proposes designating State Road A1A as “Jimmy Buffett Memorial Highway” to honor the musician who died Sept. 1 at age 76.
music festival Ybor City Florida

“Right to Rock Act” putting limitations on entertainment venues is filed in the Florida Legislature

Entertainment venues that accept Florida funding would not be able to break contracts with performers based on social media use or political affiliations.
Cyndi Philpott, host of Gen X Redux. Photo: Erika Flaskamp, 06-2023

Meet Kool Aunt Cyndi, host of WMNF’s new Gen X Redux show.

Gen Xers and early risers have a new music show to start Monday mornings. Gen X Redux, hosted by new volunteer programmer Cyndi Philpott, a.k.a., “Your Kool Aunt Cyndi,” brings the eclectic sounds of the...

Bread n Butter

6/6 MarqRich and the squad discuss- The NBA Finals – the heat win game 2 We discuss Gunna and the YSL RICO case The state of battle rap Dr. Umar Johnson’s thoughts about Spider-Man and...

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