Ashley Moody

Florida hopes playing cards can help crack cold cases

Listen: State officials unveiled a new way to solve unsolved homicides Monday: they will put victims’ faces on playing cards. Law enforcement officials announced they’re bringing back an initiative used over 15 years ago –...
migrants / immigration

Florida tangles with the feds over an immigration case

Florida and the federal government disagree on if the state can challenge Biden administration on migrants being released from detention.
medical worker

Florida challenges the feds on a new health care rule

Florida has sued over a new federal health care rule on treatments like hormone therapy & puberty blockers for transgender people.
guns gun violence die-in

Florida challenges a Biden administration rule on gun sellers

Florida filed a federal lawsuit challenging a new Biden administration rule that requires more gun sellers to run background checks on buyers.
migrants at the U.S. border, American flag, barbed wire

A federal appeals court looks at whether Florida has standing to challenge Biden administration immigration policies

A federal appeals court is looking at whether Florida could legally challenge Biden administration immigration policies.
Student loan forgiveness

Florida and other states sue over Joe Biden’s student debt relief

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody and others filed a federal lawsuit to block the Biden administration from providing breaks on student-loan debt.
public records

Arguments are set for May 7 on whether Ron DeSantis has executive privilege and is shielded from releasing records

Media organizations & open-government groups have said such use of executive privilege would undermine Florida’s public records law.
calculator and pen

Florida targets challenges to its financial disclosure law

Florida wants judges to toss out challenges to the law that requires elected municipal officials to disclose detailed financial information.
pot plants

Florida Supreme Court decisions on pot and abortion ballot measures are expected Monday

We may know Monday if Florida constitutional amendments on abortion rights and recreational marijuana will go on the November ballot.
Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody

Ashley Moody urges the Florida Supreme Court to consider if “unborn children” are protected by the state constitution’s “Natural Persons Clause”

Liberty Counsel wrote, “.. the Alabama Supreme Court noted that an unborn child qualifies as a human life, a human being, and a person.”

Court arguments are set in a fight over Florida’s opioid settlement

Hospital districts & school boards argue that Florida AG Ashley Moody did not have the authority to release their opioid settlement claims.
no smoking sign

A scaled-back vaping bill clears the Florida Legislature

Florida lawmakers approved a watered-down bill targeting vaping products geared toward children.

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