climate crisis

Climate activist Susan Glickman says we must fix the source of the crisis not just build seawalls

Susan Glickman, who has been advocating for policies to address climate change for 20 years, told WMNF WaveMakers Tuesday that Florida is finally admitting it has a problem and trying to mitigate the effects of...

After the COP27 summit, next steps in the climate crisis

Rep. Kathy Castor shares her takeaways after attending the United Nations climate in Egypt and USF climate scientist Don Chambers talks about Florida's coastlines over the millennia.

WaveMakers: The CLEO Institute’s Betty Jean-Jeremie on climate justice

Betty Jean-Jeremie of the CLEO Institute talks about the climate crisis, climate action and climate justice.

Discussion Of Plant Based Treaty, New Global Accord Aiming To Help Mitigate Climate Change Crisis

Anita Krajnc—the global campaign coordinator of the Plant Based Treaty, which views itself as a companion to the Paris Agreement, described, on the Treaty website, as “a grassroots campaign designed to put food systems at...

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