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An appellate judge wants to be shielded from testifying in a Hillsborough election misconduct case

An appeals court judge is asking the Florida Supreme Court to shield him from testifying in a battle about alleged misconduct.
Scales of Justice Law

A Hillsborough circuit judge challenges a panel member in a wrongdoing case

Circuit Judge Nancy Jacobs filed a motion to disqualify Abigail MacIver from a Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission hearing panel,
Scales of Justice Law

The number of judges could shrink from 15 to 12 in the Tampa-based 2nd District Court of Appeal

Florida legislators filed bills this week that could lead to fewer judges serving in the future on two state appeals courts.
Joe Biden in Florida

Joe Biden will nominate Julie Sneed to serve as a district judge in the Middle District of Florida

President Joe Biden will nominate four people to fill federal judgeships in Florida: three in South Florida and one in Tampa.
Scales of Justice Law

Hillsborough judge accused of campaign wrongdoing

An investigative panel alleged that a circuit judge made “inappropriate and disparaging” remarks about her opponent during a 2022 election.
Scales of Justice Law

Florida Supreme Court keeps a change to a rule about ‘fairness and diversity’ courses for judges

The Florida Supreme Court kept in place deletion of part of a rule allowing judges to take courses in “fairness and diversity” in continuing education.

MidPoint on Tort Reform: Big Changes for Insurance Companies May Be Your Undoing

Tort Reform: Big Changes for Insurance Companies May Be Your Undoing
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Fight over Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law goes to appeals court

A challenge to Florida's "Don't Say Gay" law has gone to a federal appeals court. State lawmakers want to expand the restrictions.
Scales of Justice Law

Ten big legal battles to watch in 2023 in Florida and beyond

From abortion to Big Tech to guns, Florida heads into 2023 with courts weighing high-profile legal fights.
m-cores toll roads protest. no roads to ruin coalition

New laws for Florida in 2023 include lobbying restrictions and toll breaks

New laws for Florida on January 1, 2023 include lobbying restrictions, toll breaks and making available land-preservation money.
university of south florida

Judge blocks Florida’s Stop WOKE law on race-related instruction

A federal judge blocked Florida's "positively dystopian" Stop WOKE law that restricts how race can be taught in universities.
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Judge rejects a challenge to the Florida education law that critics call, “Don’t Say Gay”

A federal judge has rejected a lawsuit challenging a controversial new Florida law that critics call "Don't Say Gay."

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