Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Measles virus vaccine vaccination

U.S. Representative calls for Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo’s resignation amidst measles outbreak

As a measles outbreak spreads, Florida's Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo is giving advice counter to federal vaccination guidelines.

Autonomous Weapons or “Killer Robots”: The Next Threat to World Peace?

Coming up we’re going to talk with a military analyst about how autonomous weapons aka “killer robots” could be one of the most deadly systems ever developed and may be the future of war. Welcome...
Jared Beck

Attorney Jared Beck on Radioactivity Tuesday

South Florida Law Firm Files Suit Against DNC Over Democrats’ Manipulation of 2016 Presidential Primary Largely unnoticed by the press, two attorneys in the Ft. Lauderdale area have filed a lawsuit against the Democratic Party,...
Ahmad Hussam Peace House

Young Florida voters challenge Democrats on “superdelegates”

Some young Tampa filmmakers have set their sights on humorously criticizing the Democratic Party’s use of “superdelegates;” we interview a founder of Peace House and hear clips from Sunday’s Democratic presidential debate. There was a lot...

In St. Pete, Charlie Crist concedes governor’s race to Rick Scott

Charlie Crist won’t be Florida governor. He lost to incumbent governor Rick Scott in a tight, neck and neck race.

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