Florida Legislative Session

Florida House of Representatives

‘Culture war’ bills persist despite DeSantis’s suspended presidential campaign

Listen: After Governor DeSantis suspended his presidential campaign, some lawmakers expected a change in priorities during the legislative session. However,  two Democrats in the House say nothing is new. Culture war bills are still moving...

MidPoint: The Florida Budget & Legislative Priorities

Analysts from the Florida Policy Institute join us to talk about the 2024 State budget and the latest pending legislation on child labor, education, criminal justice, and immigration policies. Find out what the legislature...

“Stand your ground” law against bears advances in State House

Listen:   A State House bill that would allow people to kill bears on their property without permits when they feel threatened advanced in a House subcommittee Friday. But, opponents say that killing the bears...

St. Pete activists call for lawmakers “prioritize working people” ahead of 2024 legislative session

Listen: The Florida Legislative Session starts January 9th, and a coalition of Florida advocates and leaders spoke on the steps of St. Petersburg City Hall to demand lawmakers listen to the concerns of working Floridians....
school classroom

Florida Senate committee backs bills deregulating education and testing standards

Listen: A Florida Senate committee supported three bills Tuesday that would deregulate certain aspects of public education. One bill would reduce the impact of tests needed for high schoolers to graduate and third graders to...
Florida House of Representatives

Activist groups rally across Florida to protest new laws taking effect Saturday

Listen: Many policies from Florida’s legislative session go into effect Saturday, and various activist groups are rallying to raise awareness on the new laws they call ‘harmful’. Organizers include Florida for All, Sierra Club Florida,...

Congress member Kathy Castor warns voucher law could harm Florida’s public schools

Listen: The Florida Legislative Session came to a close Friday, with many historic new changes to our state’s schools. WMNF spoke with Congress member Kathy Castor at a Tampa elementary school about the future of...

MidPoint’s Legislative Wrap-Up: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

As Florida's legislative session draws to a close, it is time to take inventory and review what has emerged from the Capitol. From the headline-topping bills to the under-the-radar legislation, MidPoint host Shelley Reback, is...
schools classroom desks students

Florida Republicans advance HB 7, which could silence some classroom topics

Florida Republicans advanced a House bill that would restrict discussion on topics like racism and slavery in public school classrooms.

Hillsborough legislative delegation meeting highlights COVID-19 concerns, education, mental health and prison reform

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources The Hillsborough County Legislative Delegation Friday met virtually with members of the public to discuss local bills and issues ahead of the 2021 session. COVID-19 concerns were...

WEDU’s Florida This Week looks at the battle over medicaid expansion, Amendment 1 funds, and same-sex adoption

WEDU's Florida This Week looks at the battle over medicaid expansion, Amendment 1 funds, and same-sex adoption

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