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The Scoop: Wed., September 27, 2023 Tampa Bay & Florida headlines by WMNF

Congressional redistricting trial For thirty years, North Florida had a district where African-American voters could elect their preferred candidate to Congress. The removal of the region’s black opportunity district is the focus of two ongoing...
oil drilling rig

Judge rules against oil drilling plan in Florida’s Big Cypress

A judge backed the Department of Environmental Protection’s denial of a plan to drill an oil well in Florida's Big Cypress.
anti-fracking sign

Floridians will rally Friday to call on state to ban fracking

It seems that nearly every year there is some bipartisan support in Florida for banning oil and gas drilling procedures known as fracking. But a full ban has not been passed. Brooke Errett, the Florida...
TECO power plant in Apollo Beach Florida burns coal and releases water vapor plus greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide that contribute to climate change

Food & Water Watch report warns against TECO’s Big Bend conversion to gas

Food & Water Watch released a report Wednesday called “The Fracking Endgame,” which criticizes natural gas exploration and blames it for pollution, making the climate crisis worse and increasing the abundance of plastics. Brooke Errett,...

Florida clean water activists say: it’s not a fracking ban if matrix acidizing is allowed

The Florida Legislature is considering bills to outlaw certain types of fracking in Florida; but advocates for clean water warn that the ban excludes one oil and gas extraction technique that could harm the environment...

“Rally to Protect Florida’s Water” in Bradenton

On Tuesday Governor Ron DeSantis unveiled a budget recommendation that includes $625 million to protect water resources and restore the Everglades. But there’s no guarantee the state Legislature will pass a budget that reflects an...
anti-fracking sign

Ron DeSantis directs Florida DEP to oppose fracking and off-shore drilling

Florida’s new governor, Ron DeSantis, announced several changes to water policy today. In an executive order, DeSantis made moves to ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking), dedicate money to Everglades restoration, fight algae blooms, appoint a Chief...
Karl Nurse no fracking

Fracking ban fails in Florida Legislature

A statewide fracking ban bill failed again this year in the Florida Legislature; we heard why and found out what its chances are for next year on MidPoint Monday. WMNF spoke with Jennifer Rubiello, state...

Women’s Show 1/18 Fracking with Dr. Sandra Steingraber and Susan Bordo

We have to stop fracking in this state! It will be a disaster for our water, particularly.  DR. SANDRA STEINGRABER, scientist, author, professor, one of the leading experts on fracking in the world, is coming to Florida...

Women’s Show 1/11- Time’s Up! With Bryce Covert, + Fracking & Oil Drilling with Food and Water Watch

  Time’s up!  We mean it!  You have had enough time to get your act together and change! We’re not leaving.  As Margaret Meade said, “No one in power gives up that power voluntarily.”  I...
anti-fracking sign

Florida rallies to ban fracking on Tuesday in Ft. Myers & December in Tampa

Will 2018 be the year a statewide ban on fracking finally passes the Florida Legislature? That’s the hope of environmentalists rallying Tuesday afternoon in Ft. Myers. WMNF News interviewed one organizer, Michelle Allen with Food...
Sabal Trail pipeline and DAPL protest

Federal appeals court rejects Sabal Trail approval; decision could affect other pipelines

On Tuesday  a federal appeals court struck a blow to the Sabal Trail pipeline that carries natural gas for hundreds of miles through Florida; to find out how the decision could impact controversial pipelines across the...

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